[Fixed] Android SMS not Working -- SMSC Number in Phone Info

Are you unable to send SMS text messages in Cyanogenmod? This is mostly because the SMSC Number is not defined, or defined the wrong way. This happened to me when I was messing up with my WCDMA / GSM setting in the phone info.

 Step to resolve this issue.

1. Open Phone information.

 In order to view, please type:
go into Phone Information

2.  Scroll Down until you find SMSC Number.

3. Depending upon the SIM, find your SMSC number

 Airtel sms service centre number -

Vodafone sms service centre number for india -

Tata docomo sms service centre number -

Telenor sms service centre number -

Idea sms service centre number

Aircel sms service center number

Reliance gsm sms service centre number -

Bsnl sms service centre number -

+919440099997 { for old users }
+919442099997 { for new users }

4. You have to define the SMSC Number in PDU Format to make it work .

* Open up PDU Encoder  and scroll down to find  String SMS message.
  (I know the page is displayed weird, but it works ;) )

* Insert your SMSC Number from step 3 in the SMSC Field
   Leave the receiver field blank
   Alphabet Size should be 7
   Delete the "how are you?" so that it is blank
   Click Convert

 * On the hexadecimal PDU Message dont use the first field (AT+CMGW=x)
   We will use the PDU Message on the second field
    In my Case (BSNL) 0791194904909979110000910000AA00

 5. Insert this number in the SMSC number section in the step 2. Now Click Update and Refresh.

6. Wait for the SIM to get registered. Now test your SMS.

NOTE: I don't guarantee that this trick works. But for me it worked, as i unknowingly nulled my SMSC number. So if this works give this a thumbs up :)

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