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iPadian is a nifty tool that simulates the interface of an iPad on your Windows desktop.
If you're a serious iPad fanatic, here's your opportunity to make your Windows PC take on the appearance of the iPad's graphically impressive interface.

iPadian consists of a Dashboard which displays several features: two widgets for Facebook, a search bar, a dock with common applications and a collection of icons for other programs. Included are popular apps like YouTube and Instagram, as well as games like Angry Birds.

Every time you open a program in iPadian, a browser window will open to show it. On the right side you'll find another list of applications you can click on as shortcuts. While you browse, you will see your Facebook wall or Wikipedia search, for example. This means that the apps aren't native to your computer though, as all of them open in web pages after being clicked.

To some users, this might cheapen the iPadian experience. To others, iPadian may be viewed as a unique way to visit certain web app sites.

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