How to control every device using android - universal remote

Swedish company Relmtech comes up with a latest remote access app which is a tool for common way to control your computer from anywhere. This Unified Remote is more than just a normal remote it allows full access to any computer via a server and a WiFi connection.
As usual with any other remote-access app, Unified Remote has a two-part installation; the remote server... which has to be installed in the PC and the remote app which has to be installed in the Android Smartphone. After you instal both the parts. Just switch on your device WiFi and connect it, its very easy!

With Unified Remote you can browse your files... control media... have full navigation with a keyboard... number pad... and mouse control also and many more services... Well! Here’s the full listing of all the options available with Unified Remote:-

  • Customizable remotes with quick switching.
  • File explorer
  • Task switcher
  • Windows Media Player remote
  • Media remote
  • Mouse control
  • Power control
  • Browser control
  • Numeric Keypad
  • Spotify remote
  • Keyboard
  • Send text messages to the host server
  • Powerpoint remote, basic and advanced
  • Image control
  • Tellstick control

Unified Remote is a great utility app to manage your computer from a distance. It has a very perfect design. You will surely enjoy this app. And both the Unified Remote app and server are free to download. So, download and have Fun! :)
Scan this And Download! Or download From the link Above! :)
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