Remove Seen From Facebook Chat box

This tutorials shows how to remove seen from Facebook chat. Everyone who uses Facebook know’s that they have feature, that tells you when other side have seen your message. And it  works both ways: Other side sees when you have read their messages. I have good news for you, if you don’t want that other side know’s when you have or have not seen their messages. You can remove this “seen” notification with browser extensions. There is couple of things that you have to know before installing.

When Unseen extension is installed, then your Facebook works like this:
1. You send chat message to recipient -> You can’t see when message is read
2. Recipient sends chat message to you -> Recipient can’t see when you have read it
3. You have new message on Facebook inbox and you open it -> Message will stay as unread state!!

Installing Unseen to Chrome

 Go to FB unseen installation page.
2. Click Add to Chrome

Installing Unseen add-on to Firefox

1. Go to 
Unseen installation page.
2. click Add to Firefox.

Enjoy unseen..!!
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