FB chat symbols that every one should know

To use these amazing symbols, all you have to do is copy the code below the image
and paste it right into Facebook comments, simple!
Facebook Big Smile Emoticon
Facebook Frown Emoticon Symbol
Facebook Cry Symbol
Facebook Comments Smiley With Tongue Out
Facebook Angel Smiley Symbol
Facebook Devil Smiley Symbol
Facebook Confused Smiley
Facebook Wink Smiley
Facebook Gasp Symbol
Facebook Squint Smiley
Facebook Angry Smiley
Facebook Kiss Smiley
Facebook Heart Symbol
Facebook Kiki Smiley
Facebook Glasses Smiley
Facebook Sunglasses Smiley
Facebook Shark Smiley
Facebook Robot Smiley
Facebook Grumpy Smiley
Facebook Pacman Symbol
Facebook Unsure Smiley
Facebook Curly Lips
Facebook Penguin Smiley
Thumb Up (y) Like Facebook Symbol
Poop - New Facebook symbol
Facebook Chris Putnam Smiley
Facebook Cloud Icon
Umbrella Symbol
Facebook Sun Symbol
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